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Day of Coordination

Prices start at $2500 & up

Buzzing with efficiency and creativity, a day-of wedding coordinator from Sovereign Bee is your hive’s hero, ensuring your special day is as smooth as honey. Just like diligent worker bees, they’re the busy bees behind the scenes, orchestrating every detail from nectar to comb. From coordinating the grand entrance of the queen and her royal court to sweetly synchronizing the dance floor, these coordinators buzz around making sure every petal is in place, every vow is heard, and every guest is buzzing with delight. So, let your worries take flight and let Sovereign Bee’s day-of coordinator turn your wedding into a harmonious symphony, where the only stingers are those in your heartstrings.

Sovereign Bee Shootz - Behind the scenes coverage, reels & tiktok coordination

Sovereign Bee Paws & Kiddies - Daycare for children and pets

Full Wedding or
Event Planning

Sovereign Bee’s event planners are the “bees-knees” when it comes to orchestrating unforgettable moments, whether it’s a wedding or any other event. Like the diligent worker bees in a hive, they buzz around with precision, turning your vision into a reality sweeter than honey. From scouting the perfect venue that’s as exquisite as a rare bloom to curating a guest list, these planners ensure every detail is as meticulously planned as a honeycomb. Just like bees communicate through dance, our event planners choreograph a symphony of services – coordinating vendors with grace and managing timelines as seamlessly as a synchronized flight. So, let Sovereign Bee’s event planners create a buzz that resonates for a lifetime, leaving you and your guests humming with delight long after the last petal has fallen.

Design, Decor & Planning

Destination Weddings & Events


Sovereign Bee Shootz - Behind the scenes coverage, reels & tiktok coordination

Sovereign Bee Paws & Kiddies - Daycare for children and pets

Event Production &
Experiential Events

Pricing depends on the scope of work

At Sovereign Bee, we’re not just event planners; we’re the orchestrators of extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting buzz. Whether it’s crafting an immersive and interactive client journey that’s as captivating as a bee’s dance, curating a cutting-edge medical conference that’s as innovative as a hive’s communication system, or weaving branding elements together with the precision of bees constructing their intricate honeycomb, our expertise knows no bounds. From the gentle hum of charitable functions that spread warmth like honey to the exhilarating roar of golf tournaments and concerts that create a buzz of excitement, we handle it all with the finesse of expert beekeepers. Our services extend to even hiring charismatic brand ambassadors and dedicated staff, ensuring that every event is as seamless and harmonious as a bee colony working in tandem. While some of our work may remain hidden behind the veil of NDA’s, we invite you to explore our portfolio – a window into the hive of creativity and sophistication that defines Sovereign Bee.

Corporate Planning & Charitable Functions

Experiential Events & Production


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