Press / Media Coverage
Press / Media Coverage

So, who am i?

I am a proud multitasker, often referred to as a “Jack Of All Trades,” and I have found my mastery in the realm of event planning. My diverse range of skills and knowledge empowers me to be the exceptional professional I am today.

As a boss, I bring leadership and strategic thinking to every project. I take charge and ensure that every detail is meticulously handled, leaving little room for error. I orchestrate events that exceed expectations.

Being a mother has taught me the value of nurturing and care, qualities that are reflected in my approach to event planning. I understand the importance of creating meaningful experiences that evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact on the hearts of those involved.

I’ve been told I’m the hardest working B out there. I pour my passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment into crafting remarkable experiences for you and your guests.


Why Sovereign Bee?

After our initial conversation, you’ll quickly determine if we are the right fit for you. Many prospective clients return to us, recognizing the unique qualities of Sovereign Bee. We genuinely care about your vision and form a deep connection with you. Honesty is our policy, and we’ll always tell you the truth.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you enjoy your day. At Sovereign Bee, our dedicated team, The Beehive, works hard for you, remembering even the smallest details. We value candid feedback, and we’ll provide you with straightforward advice based on the the information you provide. Being familiar with various cultures and religions, we proudly serve as a bilingual company, fluent in both English and Spanish.

We love culture and religion, merging cultures our expertise. Embracing your individual story is our thang. Bringing your personalities to light with unique details, incorporating music and great food is our forte. We work with mid-size budgets and up. Making sure our couples enjoy their day is our end game. 


Effective communication is the cornerstone of a successful planner and a Client relationship. Keeping the lines of communication open, honest and clear ensures that both parties understand each other’s needs, expectations, and preferences. Regularly sharing ideas, concerns, and updates helps build trust and fosters a strong connection. By actively listening and responding to each other’s input, the planner can tailor their services to match the Clients vision, making the planning process more enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved.

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