Don’t F*CK Up Your Wedding (Book Pre-Order)



Don’t F*CK Up Your Wedding!  (Yes, it’s highly possible you will.)

  • This book will provide guidance on how to execute your wedding properly.
  • We promise to keep you entertained while equipping you with the knowledge to avoid any wedding disasters, making your special day truly unforgettable

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1 review for Don’t F*CK Up Your Wedding (Book Pre-Order)

  1. Alvin Caal

    Hi Belinda! Finished the book. I feel like you nailed it for your target audience. (DIY Brides). Great blue print for them. I personally love when there is a wedding planner at the weddings I have shot. Everything is much more organized. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed the read!

    • Belinda

      Thank you for purchasing! Glad you liked it.

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