Buzz-worthy celebrations in NYC and beyond

In those, we’ve been hired to do hundreds of weddings, private and celebrity events, both in the USA and abroad. Just last year we worked on Bad Bunny’s NYC concert and have organized parties for celebrities like Marc Anthony, Shakira, and more.

So, you’re looking for a NYC-based wedding and event planner? Someone to get on top of every curveball planning can throw? Someone to take care of vendors, guests, your family and the entire planning while you are busy being the star of the show? Stop right here and let us welcome you to our big SB family!

Sovereign Bee LLC is an all-inclusive, all hands on deck Event & Wedding company situated in New York City. Committed to taking your dreams and turning them into reality, we’ve been in this business for more years than you can count on two hands.

Let us tell you why we’re considered one of the best NYC wedding and event planning companies around, and all the reasons why we’d love to work with you!

We Have What It Takes

Once you step into the SB family you’re never going to want to leave!

Absolutely dedicated to taking the burdens of wedding and event planning off of you, we’re here to help you actually enjoy the planning process and focus on what’s truly important excitedly waiting for your day to come and absolutely loving it once it does!

We have and always will be completely available to you for any questions, or ideas you may have. We’re here to make sure your day follows your vision to the T. However, honesty is a policy we truly believe in, and we’ll be fully honest with you about each and every one of your ideas from the get-go.

We’ve Got The Right People

Our Sovereign Bee family counts only the best experts within the wedding and event industry, led by owner and Head Planner Belinda Aquine, who’ll work tirelessly to make your celebration one for the history books.

Our connections to top NYC vendors, photographers, florists, bridal shops, and more guarantee you’ll get the best products for the best prices. From weddings, baby showers and intimate birthday parties, to record releases, charity events and so much more, we take our expertise and apply it with dedication and enthusiasm.

It’s all about the importance of your day, and we make it our mission to treat it as our very own.

We Tailor Our Services

We have a standardized set of services you can look over, but we understand how wonderfully unique each of our clients is.

Because of this, we always dedicate the time to talk everything over with you from the very beginning, and make a customized set of services you can rely on. Need a Day-Of coordinator? We got you. Want to plan a wedding, start to finish? Yep. Organizing a birthday bash? We’ve already inflated the balloons and the cake is in the oven.

No matter if it’s a corporate or a private celebration, we’re bound to create and coordinate a dream experience. We love how diverse our clients are and how many different things each project entails, so whatever it is you have in mind, just reach out! We’d love to be the ones to help you bring it to life!

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